Monthly Archive: September, 2013


The modern term propaganda immediately brings up negative feelings for most people. It is commonly associated with war and dictatorships, and maybe even more specifically the use of this by the Nazis in World War… Continue reading

…vs. confidence

  This word generally has a very positive connotation in modern English. I might even go as far as to say it gives me warm fuzzies. There’s nothing quite like confidence, a very… Continue reading


To be described as “ignorant”, like arrogance, is seldom a trait to be proud of. Though this is not considered such an admirable characteristic, it may now (by its more modern definition) be… Continue reading

…vs. stupidity

I swear I’ve suffered through this argument for the last time: is that stupid or it is ignorant? Does that make us stupid or ignorant if we use (especially) these words incorrectly? “Stupidity… Continue reading


This characterization is used to describe those who assume themselves to be superior to others. It seems those who might mistake this description as a compliment are the truest to form. “I see myself capable… Continue reading